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 World Anthropology: Races, Subspecies, etc..

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World Anthropology: Races, Subspecies, etc.. Empty
PostSubject: World Anthropology: Races, Subspecies, etc..   World Anthropology: Races, Subspecies, etc.. Icon_minitimeWed Nov 05, 2014 6:23 pm


post 2 Arrow List of all races and species (playable and non-playable)

post 3 Arrow Race and species list in terms of appearance

post 4 Arrow Generalized race and species list in terms of power

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PostSubject: Re: World Anthropology: Races, Subspecies, etc..   World Anthropology: Races, Subspecies, etc.. Icon_minitimeWed Nov 05, 2014 6:24 pm

The number of races within the known worlds are massive. Rarely is an individual or group familiar with them all.


Angels- They are only referred to as demons by a few. They were created the same time the first wave of demons were by Lucifer, god of light, however they served a different purpose than most others created at the time. Rather than wipe out the humans, Angels were given two task. The first was to protect Immortals from man, and the second, protect man from other sentient threats. Originally there was an Angel assigned to every sentient, living life form. For a time many prayed to Angels. However, that soon changed as man became bold and frustrated over the fact that they couldn't manipulate angels as they could Demons, Sprites, and Immortals. They were masses of light. Much of human kind asked to be freed from the interference of Angels. Lucifer stopped creating Angels and assigning them to the living. He instead kept a set number and offered their services only to those devote enough to peace. Since Lucifer descended from the heavens, his creations 'descended' also, taking on physical form. Most Angels have remained loyal. He did offer freedom to those who wanted to take it though. Though they are all blind, Angels possess the ability to produce light and manipulate any light which touches their form. Light freely flows from their back and crown, creating the silhouettes of both their trademark wings and halo. An Angel's light however is not eternal. Overuse leads to dimming and eventual fading all together; this means certain death. Rest in a bath of natural light aids them in recovery. They are generally humanoid in shape however some chose to take on animal shape during their descent into flesh and blood form. Lucifer poured so much of his being into his creations that at one point he was caught in a state that no other god had ever been before. For a while before descending, he was caught in a state between godhood and corporeal form.

Arachne- One of the rarer demon human hybrid groups and the only demon hybrid group whom became strong enough on their own after acquiring demonic traits, to wipe out the Demons they gained their traits from. At first, human men planted Arachne Demon eggs into the wombs of their woman before fertilizing the eggs themselves. Countless women died as a result of these attempts at interbreeding. As a result, when the first Arachne were born they were born with their mother's thirst for vengeance. Generations later, that thirst lead to a violent female takeover. Till this day, the Arachne have the most hardcore matriarchal society. Only a single male{NPC} each generation is allowed to live and the Arachne Queen holds exclusive mating rights. The moment before the eggs hatch, she injects them into his body for them to feed on. As they feed she picks out each newborn male and has them fight with one another to the death over a small piece of flesh taken from their father. The winner lives and will serve as mate to the next generation's Queen. All of the injured males are killed. This life style and these mating habits have made Arachne one of the more fearsome Demon Human Hybrid subspecies. They are closer in strength to the more feared Nightmare Demons than any other Demon human hybrid. Their tremendous strength and ferocious bite are too be feared almost as much as their regenerative capabilities. Each is capable of quickly spinning a web which is strong enough to hold an angry bull in place. They avoid light and fire. They have extremely translucent skin and hair. They have the abdomen of a human and lower back half of a spider. Females stand several feet taller than the males and average human whereas males tend to be the height of the average human being.

Armory Demon-One of the first species of demon, they were forged by the gods of war and destruction. They can manipulate their bones and skin to create melee weapons. Sections of their bodies used for this regenerate instantly, allowing them to easily create blades varying in size. There is little limit to the size of these blades be it equal in smallness to a grain of sand or equal in grandness to a great tree. This was the last type of demon created during the first wave before the gods gave up on Old Pangia. They have smooth, sectioned, metallic armored skin.

Avatars-A human which managed to hold a god's interest for a vast period of time prior to their passing has the potential to become an avatar. At the point of passing the god carries both body and soul into the heavens before holding them in their embrace. Should the god choose they may send the human back to the world of the living to act as ambassador for them.  The human is endowed with their god's mystical energies however a human's limited capacity to understand the forces at their disposal keep them from becoming a true god. This power is self sustaining and it literally becomes the life blood of the avatar. Avatars are always resurrected humans, the only physical features some Avatars share are scars which glow in the heat of combat. These scars are from the injury that killed them. They are not a weakness, simply a token from their past life. A god typically makes just one Avatar that chooses to carry out the will of the god while walking the worlds.


Blood Pact Demons-After witnessing the human's obsession with utilizing the demons they created to wipe them out, the gods tried a different approach. The gods of death and the god of the stars worked together to  create the Vampires in hopes that the humans would try to gain their power as well. Blood Pact Demons offered humans eternal youth and other worldly powers willingly, in exchange for blood. Only humans weren't only giving up blood, but their humanity in its entirety. Those turned into a Blood Pact Demon by the original Blood Pact Demons became something entirely new(second generation refers to those who were born human). They gain a thirst for blood which in turn forces others fed on to become like them. They gain increased strength, increased vitality, and the ability to fly, they have no tolerance for any type of natural light, they can't control blood like natural born Blood Demons, and they can't use blood to instantly heal wounds. They quickly begin to lose their minds. Cut off from their loved ones from fear of killing and turning them, they become stricken with loneliness and cut off from the sun and the happiness of all it shines on, they quickly sink into a deep depression. If not slain in combat, most second generation Blood Demons eventually commit suicide by tossing themselves into the sun's light.



Demons- The original demons were created by the gods as means to both dispose of humans and protect the first generation of Immortals. Aside from the Gods, Demons are the only other beings that can tell the difference between first and second generation immortals from human beings from sight alone. The weakest of Demons possess increased physical capabilities that put those of the average human to shame. Various other demonic subgroups may have other abilities. There are many human Demon hybrid groups who claim Demonhood, however to true demons who know that they only exist because of human manipulation, they are frauds. Demon-human hybrids posses freewill of humans. Demons have no souls, instead they possess a mass of godly intent or essence which influences their path in life. Like man, there are several demons that have freewill, however the godly essence which animates them does hold an predictable amount of influence on their thought process. Generally, the more gods that worked on creating a Demon the larger and more diverse the personality. By the same token, Demons which are made by a single god are more likely to only exist in a manner that allows them to carry out their main purpose. For example, a Demon made by a god of war will destroy and seek war, but a demon made by a god of war in combination with gods of chaos and metal will travel a path filled with many choices throughout their life.

Dhahabu Jichu-{NPC} Pitch black forms which match the deepness of space and eyes which shine with all of the brilliance of a star. Commonly referred to as "Those Born of the Stars", by the lower lifeforms, few else aside from the gods know their true name. Other than the fact that the stars are merely a product of their afterbirth little of their power. There was only one instance of this being coming into contact with humans, this resulted in a cataclysmic event altered the development of Old Pangia and left the world without its original moons.

Dragons- The Dragon race was the first attempt made by the gods to wipe humans from the universe. Because of their large size and obvious killing intent, the gods thought it a good idea to make them good at hiding. However, the gods made them too good at hiding. All dragons possess the ability to hide in plain site, even from the gods. They don't reproduce with one another, but instead reproduce asexually. At the beginning of a Dragon's life they hold a single egg in their center. As the Dragon ages, the egg divides while developing inside of them. Once they hatch, a Dragon rarely survives. They are not mindless beast. They come in a variety of different intelligence levels. There are a variety of different types of dragons and those commonly posses the ability to breath elemental forces. Dragons which breath fire are the most common, followed by those that produce lightning and paralysing gas.


Eagle, (Walking)- Beings of unknown origins which travel in pairs; one human and one eagle. The two are connected in a spiritual sense which can be made to manifest itself in a physical way. The human is born like any other, with one key difference, the child is born holding an unbreakable egg in place of a heart. It may hatch at any given moment. After hatching the human is afforded a source of mystical power. Through mysticism, the human can manipulate the feathers shed by their companion to create new objects with various purposes or abilities; each sticking to a feather "motif". Further still, the human will always live through an ordeal so long as their eagle is unharmed. They aren't quite Advanced Humans because not all offspring of even matching parents are born with these unique properties.

Edo Elves- The inventors of Necromancy and the only group who can willfully call back the soul or spirit of the deceased on a whim. All others claiming to have mastered the art are mistaken. They are the only people that possess skill with Necromancy that allows those reanimated to retain all knowledge and abilities they possessed during life. This group traded their immortality for the ability to give life to others whom they can then control. The ability to control those whom they resurrect was discovered by accident. It was discovered that though the reanimated creations possessed the souls or spirits of the person they wished to give life to again, the memories it possessed during life could be altered. The majority of their memories are typically false, unintentionally created from what the summoning Edo Elf believed their memories to be. The end result were Zombies. Contrary to belief they were not instinctively violent. Their actions were based on what the Edo Elf that summoned them had in mind.

Elves-An elf is the result of an Immortal sacrificing their true, god given immortality for one reason or another. While they retain their age, they are subject to death through violent means. Most elves group together in clans like the Edo Elves for example. Sacrificing true immortality often results in what is usually a unique ability that comes as easily as breathing. This may seem magical to those that understand it. Of course, unlike actual magic, this ability doesn't drain the Elf. All elves posses heightened senses, formidable mental defense, increased physical strength, and impressive mental and physical reflexes.  



Genius Dragons- These dragons were once believed to be the most intelligent of the dragon race. However, after enough studies were performed it was revealed that they possess highly evolved instinct and the ability to read the thoughts of those within close proximity. The deepest darkest parts of the mind, even memories long since lost, are all within this dragon's reach. Though no larger than the average human, their dense musculature, claws, and abilities make them near impossible to defeat in close range combat. It's best to fight these from a distance.  

Ghost- A being mostly of the past, before the gods of death created Heaven and Hell. Now only the strongest and most troubled of souls may become fixed to an object and remain a force in the world of the living.

The Gods- {Non Playable}Creators of the universe and the various elements and ideals within it. They then created first flesh bound immortals, then dragons, and then finally demons. Little else is know about the gods other than the fact that the majority feel nothing but disdain for human existence. They no longer directly interfere in the worlds since striking a deal with the emperor whom erased all knowledge of the atomic bomb in exchange.

Ghouls- A creature that can only be created by master Necromancers. A Ghoul is a essentially a Zombie with a soul fixed to its core. A Ghoul can not be physically destroyed like a Zombie because the soul acts a a magnet which attracts any body parts that may be hacked away. Ghouls may also have freewill.  


Hitojin- Truly statuesque: lean bodies prominent bone structure, and black hair so sleek each strand looks like polished onyx. These humans appear as though their skin has been dusted in the shimmering metallic ore. Their skin ranges in color from gold to copper.  They are the largest group of advanced humans and they're arguably the most powerful in terms of physicality. Whether intentional or not, these humans were the first and only to ever achieve bloodline abilities of the Dragon race. Their golden skin is believed to have come from the same place that their Dragon based abilities come from, the Original Dragon species. Somehow their bloodlines were mixed with those of the Original Dragons. Though they don't possess all of the abilities of the Original Dragon species, they each possess impressive strength, beastial reflexes, eyes which enable them to see in low or no light settings, heightened senses, centuries long lifespans that match those of the great beast, regenerative capabilities, extreme resistance to the elements and one other ability which is Draconic in origin: fire breathing, mind reading, electricity producing, etc.. Rarely does a Hitojin posses a seventh Dragon based ability, and of those that do, fewer still posses the ability to take on the complete form of one of the scaled great beast. There has only ever been a single Hitojin born with the fearsome strength of the Leviathan Dragon and the black flame of the Obsidian Dragon and they joined the imperial forces. These abilities have yet to resurface again since. Many, including those within their own societies, have attempted to manipulate their dragon blood traits to yield those highly sought after abilities but all attempts, be them scientific or mystical have failed. Their scientific achievements match sometimes match those of the Rogrecians, but more often than not fall short. They have an edge over the Rogrecians in terms of mystic achievements. Their most prominent land is run by the royal family that has amassed the most power.

Humans- If gods bothered to blink or acknowledge time, they would say that humans and their sub-species overran the universe they created in the length of time it would take to blink. The original humans are not believed to have been created by the gods, instead where the conditions allowed, they simply appeared, over long spans of time. Their adaptability and resilience make them a nuisance to many higher beings. However, it's these traits that allowed for them to become one of the most common life forms in the universe. Through means of natural and unnatural mutation, mixing with dragons and forced mixing with demons, various other subclasses of 'humans' came into being; some fascinated many gods while others proved annoying to many more. Groups that have successfully joined their bloodlines with other races become what are commonly referred to as Advanced Humans. Though rare, these groups tend to be widespread. Cross breeding between different groups of advanced humans always nullifies their abilities, creating defective humans without extra abilities.  


Immortals-The first generation of Immortals{NPCs} were the first world based beings to ever be created by the gods. The first Immortals were created without considering age or death, thus they remaine in the physical condition they took their first breath in, forever. Some live out eternity in child like forms, while others adults. Immortal sleep is barely comparable to the sleep experienced by those who live and die. Sleep for them is only experienced every few epochs during which time the years spent in this slumber match the days spent awake. Some immeasurable amount of time later humans appeared and began to live among the immortals. Eventually they even began having children with them, giving birth to the second generation of Immortals{PCs}. This new generation of Immortals were born into the world as infants.  They however do age. They are doomed to an eternity of aging, dying, and starting life anew from their own ashes without any memories from lives once lived. After seeing the differences between themselves and the Immortals, humans grew jealous and began seeking ways to achieve immortality themselves. This eventually lead to introducing the blood of second generation Immortals into their own bodies. This gave birth to the third type of Immortal{PCs}. They are referred to as the cursed. They may not age past the point of acquiring Immortal blood, but they often find themselves lost in regret. This type of Immortal never heals from wounds endured and they don't posses true immortality, because they can be killed permanently if they are reduced to ash..



Kuroneko- They were created by the gods of Chaos, Fate, and Superstition. Creatures capable of subtle manipulation of the fates of those around them. This is most useful in combat. The slightest breeze may lift dirt into the eyes of an attacker and cause misfire or friendly fire. A misplaced rock may cause an enemy to stumble and create an opening in their defenses. These beings are cloaked in an aura of good luck, though it means bad luck for their enemies. The Kuroneko are strange beings, not completely demonic and not completely animal, or more accurately, not completely feline. They are shape shifting beings able to shift between three different forms either partially or completely. Their initial form is that of a small black kitten, but they may also transform into giant panther like cats, and humanoid shaped creatures which retain some feline traits. Retaining the shape of a small black cat assures that their aura of good luck remains a protective force whereas the closer they shift to their giant panther or humanoid cat form  the more the cloak shifts from defensive and protective to offensive in function.

Kwaghasen-  They wouldn't put themselves in the same class as other humans for reasons other than their physical prowess.  The Kwaghasen people are arguably the most impressive of the advanced human groups when it comes to ideological concepts and race abilities. The typical Kwaghasen would say that they are as far beyond the human race as lesser humans are beyond wild animals. They fought for existence and evolved without combining their bloodlines with other species or use of unnatural mutation. They possess mental abilities less evolved subspecies of humans may only dream of and physical skills that, though possible, are considered unachievable by most lesser humans. Each naturally possesses a high level of athleticism in terms of strength, speed, coordination, flexibility, balance, endurance and stamina. Most Kwaghasenese upbringings allow for the development of powerful immune systems which prove near impossible to compromise after they are fully matured. The most noteworthy characteristic of the Kwaghasenese is what they refer to as "Absolute Consciousness".  This is where their ideologies meet both their physical and mental abilities. They naturally posses extremely immense souls, and in turn, spiritual force. They actually have access to and direct communication with their ancestors as a result of inheriting a portion of not only their DNA, but their souls, and spirits as well. This is their cellular memory  they have access to the memories of their ancestors as a result. Somewhere along the line, this lead to a highly developed nervous and central nervous system. They've broken down the states of mental consciousness to many more levels than just conscious, subconscious and unconscious and they are capable of instantly pulling information from any of these states. This yields sublime mental reflexes which can manifest physically. A Kwaghasen has no need to actively think about an action or reflect on it. They instantly devise multiple solutions to present problems based on knowledge previously gained. Though this ability manifest itself outside of combat as well, during battle, a Kwaghasen fighter has no need to actively attack or defend, their bodies are made to act accordingly using information borrowed from their conscious. This specific mental ability, when manifested physically plays to the illusion that the Kwaghasen have a type of clairvoyant sixth sense; mostly referred to as "Second Proprioception/S.P." by scientific communities of the world who actually know of them. They've devised several ways to balance their natural evolutionary process and their scientific allowing little to no interference with the evolutionary path their bodies would walk along. The Kwaghasenese people look down on those among them who dabble in mysticism and even seek to kill master practitioners. They each have deep dark brown skin that seems to softly glow in the sunlight. They have full shapely lips, tightly coiled hair and long lean limbs, with a proportionally shorter torso. As technologically and ideologically advanced as they are, when war time approaches, they still dawn traditional warpaint. Their society is generally run by a group of highly respected monarchs.


Lesser Humans- Normally referred to simply as Humans. These humans haven't really evolved much from their original ancestors. They may have technology or basic skill with mysticism.

Leviathan Dragons- {NPCs} Known as the King of the Dragon race. The largest of the Dragon race. At birth they are the size of human infants but once they reach adult hood, these Dragon's dwarf mountains. In fact, when above ground, they can be seen from space. The physical power they posses due to their size would be great enough, however even for their size they are strong. Their physical strength is without equal. Though they can blow a large flame, the fire they produce is no more powerful than others found in nature. They are brownish in color and have but a single set of arms. The sides of their underbelly is lined with hook shaped protrusions which they can extend and contract. The well developed digging abilities they hone during their youth allowed them to travel far enough underground during the Emperor's dragon hunt to avoid being banished.


Mountain Dragon- Sometimes referred to as Gorgon Dragons. They are one of the mid-sized types. Their name comes from a combination of their common folklore inspired by their natural ability. They breath an extremely toxic gas that causes the muscle fibers of others to stiffen and blood to evaporate. After just minutes of constant exposure the body appears to have turned to stone. Folklore says that entire nations fell to groups of these dragons, and that so numerous were the victims that when piled, the remains resembled small mountains.


Nightmares>>Nightmare Demons-The first nightmare was an unintentional creation of both humans and gods. Bound by the mental energies of humans, they were only feared when night fell and the time to sleep had come. This soon changed then the gods created their first demon which was intended to dissect humans on every level down to their very core, to find out what made them tick. When they first cut into humans, they exposed their nightmares. Once freed the nightmares fed upon the demons and evolved into something else. Since this wasn't the design of the gods, all gods but one gave up on them; the god of war. After a great deal of tweaking, the first demon that humans were to fearful to attempt to try to mix with was born. The war god settled on what later became known to man as Nightmare demons, but to her, her proudest creations were named the Kali people. Pound for pound, these demons are the strongest of all of demon-kind, possessing a natural physical strength that rivals that of the Leviathan. However due to their smaller size, they are not truly as strong. Their endurance alone is enough to tire most combatants, but their extreme regenerative capabilities tend to be the deciding factor in battles where an opponent is strong enough to penetrate their skin. Like their insane physical strength, they are born with natural fighting ability. More powerful still, none of these abilities are what earned them the title of Nightmare Demons. They have the ability to invoke unimaginable fear in any creature by making eye contact. Those that do not know fear will have the seeds of fear planted within them the moment they enter the presence of these demons. They also posses the ability to divide themselves into two completely different bodies. When divided their vast strength is divided evenly among the two. Females are a rarity among these Demons, and they possess an ability which allows them to pay great ode to Kali each time it's used in battle; they can sprout an additional set of arms as opposed to splitting completely. This means that they can attack more frequently without sacrificing their strength. They wield living weapons forged from their own bones which they later regenerate. These weapons shake from the anticipation of battle, most often warning their wielder of looming threats. During the time of the Emperor, their numbers were made to dwindle as they were scattered to the four corners of the world. They have silver colored skin, hair that varies from black to gray, eerie vibrant red eyes and toned musculature.      

Nymphs- Contrary to common belief, Nymphs are not tiny flying creatures; most don't even have wings. Originally born from animating an element in nature. They were created from Sprites after some grew tired of being abused by man. They asked if they could exchange their minor elemental abilities for more dangerous battle applicable ones. They didn't necessarily ask so that they could kill, but so that they could successfully fight man off. A group of gods heard their pleas and gave many new sets of abilities that would allow them to fight off man. These gods also increased their size so that they would be taken more seriously from the way they look alone. They originally gave themselves the name Nymph, however to further distance themselves from complacent Sprites, many changed their names yet again. As time passed many Nymph groups lost track of their history and origins. Some believe themselves to be demons, some, something else entirely. There are several different classes of Nymphs. They range in size, but none are smaller than the average human.


Obsidian Dragon- {NPCs} Known also as the Queens of the Dragon Race. The second rarest dragons in existence. The most intelligent, beautiful, and most deadly of all dragon subspecies. Their black flame is so dense that it moves like a liquid over surfaces; a flame blown by this dragon moves more like a tsunami wave than an actual flame. Their fire is capable of turning all other materials, with the exception of Sacred Items, to soot and ash. They are near impervious to harm. The only objects which are guaranteed to cause harm are the otherworldly black flames of others of their species and the raw physical strength of the Leviathan Dragon species. It was impossible for the Emperor not to take notice of the destruction these dragons carried out. Hunting and banishing this species of dragon was the Emperor's main focus during the great dragon hunting age. Though other species were targeted, this dragon was the only one successfully driven out of the known worlds.

Original Dragon- {NPCs} The Original Dragons were the mother of all Dragons but its destructive power came with a price, it lacked the ability to hide. Because of this the gods split one into separate forms. This gave birth to smaller subspecies. After the Emperor captured one and used it for its own purposes, the gods began splitting up all Original Dragons. It was a desperate play, but they'd rather the Dragons have the ability to hide from both them and the Emperor than risk something so powerful falling into the wrong hands.


Pisceopean- At one point in time, humans thought that they'd be safe living out at sea. The gods quickly showed them otherwise. This term applies to any demonic sea beast. Giant squids, flying sea serpents, the gods even took the time to create seductive human looking sea demons.



Rock Demon- They have an almost divine control over rock in their surrounding area. And if their is none they can use the chunks of rock which grows naturally from their skin. They can consume rock for sustenance and in fact they are the only self sustaining demons. They produce rock and can eat it for sustenance. Physically their strength is almost comparable to that of the average Nightmare demon, however their inferior reflexes and fighting ability are far below par in comparison. They make their children from large boulders and as time passes the golems condense and shrink in size, eventually becoming a Rock Demon with all of the powers of a Rock Demon. They are actually Nymphs,  however, like many Nymphs who've lost a sense of their history, they'd be offended if any compared them to the relatives of Sprites whom are so tiny. They are one of the few humanoid shaped giants of the world. Rocky protrusions sprout from their skin at any given moment giving a truly demonic appearance.

Rogrecians- The youngest of the top three most common advanced humans. This species of humans have relied on the powers gained from self applied mutation to survive and become the third largest group among the human races. Unlike others whom sought the powers of demons and other beings created by the gods, they sought the powers of the Kwaghasen people. Early experimenting in gene manipulation led to mutations in the brain and nervous system. The abilities they discovered were nothing like those of the Kwaghasen people. They gained the ability to sense and interpret brain algorithms without use of machines. Further still, they could create a brain algorithm in their mind and force it to occur within the minds of others with brains through mere eye contact.  Further still, they could do this in a single glance. They basically gained the ability to influence the minds of others using their own. The ability to read minds and project thoughts into the minds of others are wielded by these people. Their ability to read whatever secrets an individual held on the outermost surface of their mind and plant ideas and thoughts took precedent over the original abilities they sought. The experiment was repeated on a massive scale. The result were the Rogrecians. Rogrecians that can use their abilities on multiple minds as opposed to one are viewed as geniuses. The more minds you can control the more influence you are likely to have within the Rogrecian community. Those who inherit these abilities most strongly are able to use them without having to make eye contact at all. They rushed into making their decision at a point in time where their scientist were unable to predict the effects the gene manipulation would have several generations later. Their numbers began to dwindle because they had no stable means to successfully reproduce. They used their abilities to gather advanced humans and lesser humans to fight under their banner, creating a cast system in the process with themselves at the top and most desired positions and those whom they originally sought to imitate, at the very bottom. They experimented on those beneath them to find out just why it was that their own numbers began to plummet after gaining their powers. They were unable to discover the secret and instead began to rely on machines for cloning and transferring their brain algorithms. At one point in time the Rogrecians were the most influential group of humans. The Kwaghasenese people were the first to develop resistance to the mental powers of the Rogrecians and were the first to fight for their freedom. They freed any humans they could after focusing on their own communities first. The most common belief shared by the Rogrecian people is that humans will only survive and prevail against the gods and their creations if all humans bow to their ways and look to them as leaders. The worst side affect of their abilities may very well be the warped mind and absolute madness which results from heavy use of their powers. They have translucent to olive colored skin. There seem to slightly glow during usage of their abilities. Eye color ranges anywhere from blue to purple to green, but some genetic anomalies yield red eyes. The key trait that defines a Rogrecian are the constantly shifting pigmentation in the iris. Looking into the eyes of a Rogrecian are like looking at an inkblot test in motion.


Sprites-They were created shortly after the Immortals by the Gods after an Immortal curiously asked what would happen if they played with fire. Aside from the four basic elemental Sprites, Sprites can create dual element offspring. Currently the most common sprites are those born of water and rock; mud and botanical sprites. They are small glowing creatures no bigger than a finger.

Stone Movers-A human sub species that claim to have developed their powers on their own through use of mysticism, even though their abilities and a few physical features are extremely similar to those of the Rock Demons. They too posses the ability to move various sized rocks along the ground or through open air with precise control and force. Furthermore, they can eat rock for sustenance and use it to reinforce their bodies gaining greater strength and endurance. Their skin has a translucent look but natural patches of dirt appear constantly instead of sweat.



Unholy Elves- Are a group of Elves who took it upon themselves to wipe Humanity from their midst. Masters of malevolent mysticism they gained the title of Unholy after using their abilities to combine their spirits with Unholy Serpents. This not only gave them the ability to summon and control them, but also the ability to increase the strength of their mystical abilities in by feeding on the energies of war, fear, and hatred.

Unholy Serpents- Named so because of their tie to what many would deem malevolent forces. These serpents grow several hundred feet in length and girth. They feed off of resulting energies caused by war, hatred, and fear growing both more powerful and larger, in the process. Rather than blow fire they blow a powerful stream of wind, intended more to inspire fear than cause death.


Vessels- The term used by gods who place a piece of their consciousness within a physical form. The form gains no more power from serving as vessel for a god being a physical form can not properly contain a worthwhile portion of the god's ability and the mind of a god as well. Injuries to a vessel cause portions of a god's consciousness to pour from it and escape back from whence it came. Should a god abandon one willing vessel for another, the vessel is either destroyed or revived, depending on the nature of said god. Of course, the condition a body is in afterwards may not matter being Vessels are living bodies
void of brain activity.




Yokai- Demonic warriors created through the collaborative efforts of multiple war gods. These demons come in various sizes and shapes. They hold the ability to posses objects which come into contact with their blood. Even if their original form is destroyed, they still live on within the objects touched by their blood even able to reconstitute new bodies, until those forms are destroyed.  


Zombies-{NPCs} Soulless reanimated corpses. The only conscious thoughts and personality are those which are created by  the mind of the person that reanimated them. These are controlled, like puppets, by those specializing in Necromancy. If left without command they will continue to carry out the command they were given last.

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~The Gods were the first to exist.

~Those born from the stars were created by the Gods. In fact the stars are merely the resulting after birth of these magnificent boundless creatures.

~After the Gods created the planets they created the first planet bound beings. They become known as Immortals. Sprites were created around the same time.

~Human beings appeared some time after the Immortals first walked the worlds. A second class of Immortals was born after this. The gods didn't mind them, but they took issue with humans impacting the Immortals.

~The Dragons were created as means to deal with the human infestation. Humans gained unique dragon like traits and began branching off from other humans in terms of their evolutionary path. The gods were unfamiliar with just how adaptive humans were and didn't even entertain the possibility of them using beings like Dragons whom were vastly different than themselves to gain power.

~After the Dragons vanished from their sight, the gods began to create Demons who could not and did not wish to hide from the gods like Dragons did. Only a few Demon species were created before the gods realized that humans could use their own creations against them. From that point on the Demons they created were useless to humans who wished to use them to create human demon hybrids.

~Eventually the Emperor appeared. It didn't appear any more or less troubling than any of the other races, at least not at first. For the first time ever, a lower life form managed to convince a god to relinquish their godhood and aid it in changing the worlds. After he managed to do this not once, but twice more, those gods whom remained were convinced that the creature commonly referred to as the Emperor was never just a lesser life form.

~The first Avatar was created as means to settle the chaos which resulted in part, because of the Emperor's death.
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The following is a "Class" list. The main list ranks the known races in terms of power, be it raw strength, elemental force, or anything else that contributes to their class. The list is made up of sub-lists which ranks subspecies of a specific race against each other also. This list is of course subject to the interpretation of each player, as each character will differ, and many may break the mold of a given race or subspecies. A player's rank may rise or fall depending on character development.

The Gods/The Emperor-In terms of power, the powers of the Gods is immeasurable and equal amongst themselves. It was they who gave birth to the elements and sired the very fabric of reality. Legend says that the Emperor once held comparable power, however the Emperor has long been dead.

Those Born of the Stars-The first life form ever created by the gods are also the most powerful. There is not enough information on the Dhahabu Jichu to determinejust how much they outmatch the most powerful races of the class beneath their own.

Demi Gods/Obsidian Dragons and Leviathans-Though nowhere near as omnipotent as they were as full fledged gods, Demi Gods are as far beyond the lower races as a dragon is beyond a maggot. Demigods that head this class have differing levels of power that in truth, isn't worth mentioning. The least powerful of the Demi Gods is Lucifer the God of Light, the second most powerful is Fuujin the God of Storms, and lastly, the most powerful Demi God is the God of Order, Dogon. The obsidian flame of the darkest dragon is one of the most destructive forces in the known world, and for this reason, they are nearly as dangerous as a Demi God. Leviathan Dragons raw physical strength put them on the same level as the Obsidian Dragons.

Immortals/Avatars- There are some Immortals who may be put on an even playing field with higher ranking Obsidian Dragons. A few of the original Immortals have had several hundred life times to perfect at least one battle viable craft like mysticism. Like all others in this class, the Avatars tend to pale in comparison to the Demi Gods ranked in the next class above this one. The Avatars are generally the weaker beings in this class. Even though they possess the fraction of a full fledged God's power, they are still human in origin and usually don't have the experience that a Demi God has when it comes to using the powers they were granted. Avatars trained by the God that sired them and have also had training prior to their death, have the potential to surpass Immortals of this class, perhaps even climbing up to match the Obsidian Dragons in terms of power.

Nightmare Demons/Angels -Due to their physical prowess Nightmare demons were once feared through out the worlds. Those free Angels whom found themselves fighting Nightmare Demons found themselves to be weaker, but not completely outclassed. It's the Nightmare Demon's fear inspiring eyes which set them above the Angels.  

Various other Dragons- Due to their various biology's and special abilities, Dragons are in a class of their own.

Hitojin/Kwaghasen/Rogrecians-These three subspecies of advanced humans rank high above other humans because of the skills they've acquired over time. In terms of power these three groups are neck and neck AND neck due to the vast array of abilities they've acquired.  

Vessels/Various Demons-Vessels are in a class of their own because of the simplicity a god has with controlling a body of mere flesh and blood. They are in this class assuming that the vessel is a lesser human. The martial arts abilities they have as a result is near supernatural. Demons share this class with Vessels but were it not for their various extra abilities, they'd be ranked beneath the Vessels.

Humans from societies with advanced weaponry or mysticism and greater animals whom are often giant versions of lesser animals whom descend from ancestors manipulated by mysticism and/or science.

Sprites of various elements.

Lesser animals whom have evolved naturally and can't use simple technologies like spears or guns tail behind the pack. Many still pose a danger to a normal unarmed Human though.

Humans who aren't members of one of the three advanced subspecies. When unarmed even lesser animals pose a threat.

Ghost are harmless
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World Anthropology: Races, Subspecies, etc..
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