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 Building a Character

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Ascension Admin
Ascension Admin

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PostSubject: Building a Character   Building a Character Icon_minitimeWed Nov 05, 2014 9:25 pm


Post 2 Arrow Character Profile Example

Post 3 Arrow Explanation of Profile Sections

Post 4 Arrow MANDATORY Character Profile Format

Post 5 Arrow MANDATORY Writing Sample

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PostSubject: Re: Building a Character   Building a Character Icon_minitimeWed Nov 05, 2014 9:42 pm

Example of Character Profile

Name: Agent Sora Ichiki


Victories:43  Losses:3

Popularity: Unknown

Team: None

Building a Character Asuka2

Race: Human    Height: 5' 8''    Weight: 55 kgs    

Biography: Sora's body has been enhanced annually using the most advanced in cybernetics creations since childhood. It's a condition of her contract. Sora is a clone created by Dimwah Country's leading military research and development company, B.E.S.T. Corp.. After years of test were performed to assess her candidacy for future projects, Sora was actually given a choice. Serve as personal assassin to those that run the country or live the pampered life for several years before she was put down like an animal and harvested for replacement organs for soldiers. Needless to say, Sora chose the root of assassin. The organization spent top dollar enhancing her body with drugs designed to 'improve' her own genetic make up as well as lightweight cybernetic limbs and implants to improve her physical capabilities.
Her latest mission was simple, or so she thought; keep a rare set of ancient artifacts from falling into enemy hands at any cost. She was to return with the artifacts if the opportunity presented itself.

Emphasis: Cybernetics Enhanced Strength, Cybernetics Enhanced Speed, Martial Arts, Aerobatics, Pain Tolerance

Abilities: Sora's body is enhanced with the most cutting edge cybernetic inventions to date. Her strength, reflexes, and destructive capabilities have all been enhanced drastically as a result. Her arm has high frequency photon manipulating capabilities. It can fire cutting lasers which can cover nearly half a mile before it dissipates. Her right arm can also produce a constant short distance high energy photon mass which serves as a perfect short edge weapon. Her thigh muscle were lined with cybernetics designed to increase muscular strength, stamina, and control. The bottom halves of her legs were removed all together to make room for powerful, compact, state of the art jet engines. Her left eye was also removed and replaced with a cybernetic one which allows her to also read heat signatures and use night vision. The most useful component of her left eye allows her to keep her complete peripheral vision and depth perception. Her right eye launches a spear tipped USB which allows her to hack machinery which uses a similar coding system to B.E.S.T. Corp..

Signature Techniques:
Technique Name- Concentrated Photon Ray
Technique Description/Effect-A short distance penetrating attack which cuts through materials much easier than a sharpened metal edge. This can be thought of as a short range laser saber. It instantly melts through most solids and instantly evaporates water and water based substances.

Technique Name- Long Distance Penetrating Beam
Technique Description/Effect- The weapon she uses most. This is a long distance version of the Concentrated Photon Wave. The beam can instantly burn through flesh and most other materials. Contrary to belief, not all lasers bounce off of reflective surfaces; this laser doesn't. It heats most reflective surfaces far to fast for the surface to refocus the laser beam's path.

Technique Name- Photon Beam Bombardment
Technique Description/Effect- Her laser rifle penetrating power is slightly altered so that it may fire short burst more frequently. These aren't as powerful when used on substances like solid metals, but they can still instantly deal fourth degree burns unshielded flesh.

Technique Name- Mach 1 Flight
Technique Description/Effect- Her mechanical legs can instantly be made to function as high powered rockets. Her maximum speed is clocked at an impressive mach 1. However, slower speeds are generally used when navigating through enclosed spaces to allow for optimum reaction time.

Weapons and Equipment: Hard Anodized Aluminum Baton Set, Two-way Com Device, Flash Grenades

Sacred Items: none gained

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Ascension Admin
Ascension Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Building a Character   Building a Character Icon_minitimeWed Nov 05, 2014 9:56 pm


Class: Leave this blank, you will be given a class if approved. This will be determined by a combination of your character's race, the writing skill displayed in your entry piece(especially IF you choose to write voluntary prologue), and obvious effort/detail put in to your profile. Are you following the guide or are you being vague? The more detail, the better. This will increase or decrease depending on your battles. Suffer a big enough injury and this logically falls. In this case your writing skills may prompt a less steep fall being we know you will go through the necessary steps in character to regain your strength. Defeat an opponent that pushes you beyond your limits and this may go up. This is really to show how badass you are in this world. If you're a big enough bad ass, you can reject challenges from those you simply outclass. Again this will either increase or decrease depending on your submissions. Hint: It's not all about the action. Class determines how many skills you may have listed in your "Emphasis" section.  

Victories: The number of overall battles you've won. If this number is AT LEAST twice that of a person challenging you, feel free to give them the cold shoulder. You got nothing to prove to the newbies cause you're an experienced warrior. That is, unless they possess a sacred item.

Defeats: The number of times you've beaten since being approved for play. Victories and Defeats are added to determine your character's experience, so don't worry about this number increasing. After all, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...and what does kill you doesn't necessarily have to keep you dead.

Popularity: Unknown, Rumors, Urban Legend, Popular, Legendary.  Its a big world, and this determines how popular you are in it in relevant circles. That in turn influences how your character interacts with others of the world. You may think that you are pretty well off if you are Legendary. You may be right. But you may also be ignoring a potential drawback. For example, if you're legendary, your techniques are likely to be legendary as well. Get it yet? This may mean that opponent's have prepared themselves for you. If your character is a member of a secret government organization and you slip up, it may hurt to gain a more popular ranking. This could go up, could go down, could remain the same. You will find out at the end of every major story when you are contacted by myself or a member of the crew. You will start off with a rating based on your entry story though.

Team: If you are allied with other players let us know here. You form can also form teams with other players over the course of a few writing pieces, you don't have to have them right off the bat.

>>Image and/or Description<< (If you can't find an image for a character you have in mind, don't hesitate to PM me, I have spent years collecting a wide variety of cool character images.)

Race: Self Explanatory. If you don't like any of the races listed, you can make up your own, just make certain that it's one that will be approved and doesn't overlap with the abilities of those which already exist in the Anthropology/Race thread.
Height:Self Explanatory.    

Weight: Self Explanatory.

Biography: This is your character's past and personality. If you want to keep some things secret you may do so, but this must be constantly maintained. You will add to it as you play. Each loss or victory means that you have something to add to this portion of your profile. Be sure to re-post your character profile after any addition.

Emphasis:  If your character uses a non specific ability in combat that doesn't require explanation, put it here. Does the character have an emphasis on physical ability like strength or speed? Studied skills like martial arts, mysticism, or science? Natural Abilities like demonic strength, dragon strength, fire resistance or what? Your character may have one of these per class(If in class 3 then they have 3, if 5 then they have 5, etc.). but try to be sure that it actually suits your character. If they are a martial artist emphasis and have no experience with science, then you probably won't give them an emphasis on tech inventing or mysticism. You start with one and may gain as many as you'd like, since they'll be listed in the order you gained them, those listed first will be those you are most proficient in. These are things that are things that those you face in DPRP MUST be sure to emphasize when writing about your character. You may list desired Emphasis, but remember that your actual number depends on your "Class". Get a lower "Class" than the number of skills allowed for that class and you will have to pick and  choose which ones you keep. These are things that MUST be mentioned by your opponent during battle and cannot be overlooked. This is our way of assuring that great writers who've really developed their characters aren't instantly vaporized by some new comer that put half as much creativity and work into it.

Abilities: This should tell readers of the general and/or potential abilities your character has or may develop later on. Abilities which are inherent and always active may be hinted at here also. However, unless they are placed in "Signature Techniques", though your character has a skill, they don't possess the ability to make it battle applicable(can't use it during actual combat or against your foe). The one exception to this though is race based abilities. You may be much more vague in this section than you can in the Signature Techniques section. This may also serve as a section for you to talk about your character's potential.  

Signature Techniques: Under this section you list specific battle relevant abilities with AS MUCH DETAIL as possible. If you stated that a character can use Wind Magics in the "Abilities" section this is where you say what they can do with it in terms of battle. Can they achieve flight? Can they create hurricane force winds to knock people over? If they can do both then they are both listed as two DIFFERENT Signature Techniques. If you put that your character has the ability to instantly create flame in the "Abilities" section, this(Signature Techniques) would be the section you put how they create the flame. Do they blow it from their mouth? Can they cause things they touch to burst into flames? If they can do both then each should be listed SEPARATELY here as different Signature Techniques. A character may only begin with a single technique. Another is gained if you decide to write an entry story and it's approved. More can be gained as you take part in DPRP. Techniques should be listed in order of experience level. The technique that is most mastered will be the one that appears first. The last listed is treated as the one a character has the least amount of experience with using. The Class difference determines how many techniques may be excluded in a story by the superior rank in a DPRP story. Newer techniques are first on the chopping block and the list of exclusion works backwards towards the most mastered. Example: A Class 6 versus a Class 4. This is a gap of 2. This means that the last two techniques of the lower class may be excluded. However the Class 4 MUST include all of their opponent's techniques in their DPRP story.

Techniques Name: Just what it suggest. This is the name of the technique. If it's fire breath but you want to put a personal spin on it by naming it something like "Hell Spawn's Vapor" or "Phoenix Breath" or whatever else, GO FOR IT. Remember, points for creativity!

Technique Description/Effect: Details about how the attack works and how it effects the environment or target, should be given here. Be creative with your techniques and how you train them in your stories! The effect may grow and become more potent the more it's used in stories.

Weapons and Equipment: Pretty self explanatory right? Simple items and weaponry go here. If it's anything that may have been invented by your character like a sleeping gas or a robotic assist, then you may want to throw it above in the "Signature Techniques" section because items from this area may not be treated as relevant as things in "Abilities" and "Signature Techniques" by your foe.    

Sacred Items: Skill level with an item is gained by writing use with them in a stories as well as holding on to them. Each week you write a story that involves using a particular item(s) means you gain ability with that it/them. Each item has several levels which reign supreme over all other skills even those in another person's "Ability" section.

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Ascension Admin
Ascension Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Building a Character   Building a Character Icon_minitimeWed Nov 05, 2014 9:58 pm

Do NOT quote this or try to type it up yourself. Simply copy what you see now as it is posted, fill in the blanks and then submit. More interesting character formats may be developed later on, but until then stick to this one please. If you would like to add extra information you may, so long as it doesn't give your character extra skills or advantages. Very Happy



[b]Popularity:[/b]  [b]Victories:[/b]  [b]Defeats:[/b]  


>>Image and/
or Description<<

[b]Race:[/b]     [b]Age:[/b]    [b]Height:[/b]    [b]Weight:[/b]





[u][b]Signature Techniques:[/b][/u]

[b]Technique Name:[/b]

[b]Technique Effect:[/b]

[b]Weapons and Equipment:[/b]

[b]Sacred Items:[/b]

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PostSubject: Re: Building a Character   Building a Character Icon_minitimeSun Jan 25, 2015 6:23 pm

IF YOU SO CHOOSE: As part of your character application, you can write a sample piece. This essentially serves as your character's entry into the site's general plot. You will create a story which tells us how your character came to possess the small object in the image below.

Building a Character Fragment_zps17661f55

Both science and magic would reveal that the object is crystallized organic matter. The object inexplicably informs the owner of the location of sacred items that have been returned to the standard flow of time. The creature you claim the object from referred to it as a sacred shard.

Claiming the object from the one that once possessed it is no easy task. Choose your adversary from below.

As is implied above, this is NOT mandatory. If you wish to forgo this, you may. However, this means that you will be unable to compete for sacred items unless they spring up in an area that you are already RPing in. Those of you who do choose to write this piece may compete for sacred items regardless of your location.

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Ascension Admin

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PostSubject: Re: Building a Character   Building a Character Icon_minitimeSun Jan 25, 2015 6:39 pm

Option 1

Class: 1

Building a Character 30601d3b-0f32-4d51-a890-fd91937e7b47_zps7f7060da

Race: Unknown Height: 7'5'' Weight: 200lbs

Info: A strange creature, made of both molten rock and red hot metal. It's speech and vocabulary are limited and this is likely the case for its overall intelligence. Upon defeat, its form disintegrates leaving behind the object you seek.

Emphasis: Strength

Abilities/Technique: This creature melts near anything after prolonged contact. Further still it possesses the ability to produce weaponry from its own body which posses the same melting ability.

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PostSubject: Re: Building a Character   Building a Character Icon_minitimeSun Jan 25, 2015 6:59 pm

Option 2

Class: 3

Building a Character 38fef5fd-616f-4193-80fa-f3907c9b86da_zps4399ab25

Race: Robot     Height: 6'5''    Weight: 300 lbs

Biography: Clearly an advanced piece of machinery. Unfortunately, no visible parts are marked so there is no way of telling who produced it or for what purpose. It's artificial intelligence is something to worry about as it quickly adapts to a target's actions. Upon defeat, it will self destruct leaving the sacred shard among the wreckage.

Emphasis: Aerial Combat, Strength, Speed


Abilities/Techniques: This model comes armed with flame thrower and ion canon.
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PostSubject: Re: Building a Character   Building a Character Icon_minitime

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Building a Character
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